Take Time.



I find value in things like time.  Time to spend with faith, family, friends and flowers.  Each has it’s place in my heart and life.  Each are a gift.  Each are to be valued and cherished.  I am thankful for the time I have been given on this earth and I wanted to use it as wisely as possible.   I think taking time to smell the flowers is wise.

Spending time this weekend with family and friends was fun.  We started off on Fridayat our youngest son, Kevin and his wife, Natalie’s house.   It was the much anticipated gender reveal party.   Kevin made his award winning (in momma’s eye’s) chili and we brought side dishes to add.   There was a great deal of screaming, yelling and squealing when we all found out they were having a baby girl.   Can’t wait to hold that precious baby, which will make the seventh of our beautiful, fabulous, smart, gifted and funny grandchildren.

We continued more celebrating as we gathered together at our (Bob and my) house Sunday afternoon.  We didn’t add a backyard pool, but pretty excited to have an outdoor television.   We love things to bring our family together and add fun in the mix.  Bob grilled out some fabulous grassfed burgers and sausages.  We added some healthy in the mix with some side dishes, gluten free pasta salad, lentil bean soup (which no one touched) and gluten free cookies.   My grandson Neyland asked me, “Yaya, are these Gluten Free?”  God bless him.  I don’t have the heart to tell him although they were gluten free,  how much sugar they had in them.  Oh well, we all had a lot of fun.  My cup was overflowing and my heart was full as I watched all the hustle and bustle of six grandchildren, friends and family all gathered together to share our lives.  I am blessed.

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