As a wife, mother and grandmother, I have been tested and stretched in many areas of my life, while along with my husband, raising our family.  Through betrayal in marriage, losing our home through bankruptcy and misfortune, being diagnosed with chronic illnesses, and other challenges such as learning how to overcome fear with faith,  I never lost my love or faith in the Lord.  Through these challenges, I have learned many things that help my family and myself to be stronger.  Things such as better nutrition, essential oils and other natural products for home and health purposes, as well as recognizing, re-evaluating and if necessary, removing toxic chemicals, foods and relationships.  I love to share and learn with others that desire to keep learning and growing.

Growing up in my parents home, my siblings and I learned many things such as loving, laughter, sharing and faith.  We also learned things such as fear, frustration, addictions and heartaches.  I guess you can say it was “A Grace Filled Home” though.    One year after I graduated from high school,  I married my junior high school boyfriend, Bob Schmidt.  We sorted through the precious and valuable things, as well as the mistakes we learned from both our parents as we were trying to shape and mold our marriage, home and children.    Throughout our years raising our four children, I always wanted our home not only to be the fun hangout, but to be a refuge and a place where our children and others could feel safe and loved, learn wisdom and gain strength and understanding.   For the most part it was,  yet there were many times our home was like a pile of dirty laundry being sorted out and hung out the windows for others to see.  Thank goodness our home was “A Grace Filled Home” and we had second, third and fourth chances.

In our home, Bob and I tried to model to our children perseverance over perfection, unconditional love, and to trust in the Lord in all things.  Together with our children, we had so many, many fun times.   In our journey’s though there were many times we all learned about sin and forgiveness, unconditional love, mercy and mess, grace and grit.  I am so thankful for the family God has given me, and I never want to not value each and every one of them. Our youngest, a beautiful  girl, is in college, and our other three sons have married and are raising beautiful families of their own.  We all live near one another, where we can continue to fellowship, share and sharpen one another to be the best that God wants us to be.

I am thankful for my Grace Filled Home, and that my tests have turned into my testimonies to share and encourage others.    We have raised good children, who have been given the gift to lead, who love the Lord, and enjoy serving where they are planted.  I believe that strong people make strong families and strong cities. It takes prayer, commitment and hard work to become a strong family.  You need to be willing to be broken and tested first though!  Because of our commitment to Christ and to one another in our journey’s, I believe  that The Schmidt family is a circle of strength and love; founded on faith; joined in love; kept by God; forever together.