Trips to the Dentist

Instead of complaining or dreading the many trips to my dentist in Dothan, Alabama, I take in the scenery, enjoy listening to my XM radio shows have time to be quiet and just think.  I have seen seasons change and cotton fields plowed during my many trips to Dothan.   I cannot say enough good things about my Biological dentist, Dr. Nathan Pfister.  He is an amazing dentist and will do everything he can to not add or put toxicity in your mouth.  His bedside manner is impeccable and his knowledge and interest in continuing to learn is incredible.  It’s amazing how I grew up believing and only knowing one way while at the dentist.   Then, along my journey to health and wholeness, God opened up amazing doors for me.  One of them was Dr. Pfister.   He has helped me to remove unwanted and unknowing amalgam fillings that I didn’t know where hidden under crowns.  He discovered leftover metal fillings buried in my gums.  He helped to repair much needed bone loss after it was destroyed by previous root canal.  You can walk into his office knowing you won’t have any procedure or cleaning that will not be good for you.   In saying all of this, I can’t say enough about the support and money that my husband Bob gives towards this important journey in my life.  His love and sacrifice speak volumes.

There are a lot of things to consider in a person’s health.  Learning that so much sickness and disease begins in the mouth has been a valuable and knowledgable lesson for me and my family.   I take much thought and value the simple things like baking soda and water picks more than ever.

Today, I had my last “bad” tooth replaced with a crown. We don’t know whether it was discoloration or mold, but I sure am glad the black is all gone.   I am hoping and praying for better health results after all the work I have had done on my teeth.  We might not be able to see any immediate results as some people have seen, but I am positive that removing the toxicity from my teeth is only helping my health and not hurting it.

Bob, Abbey and I are all patients of Dr. Pfister, but I have asked all my children to please, please consider using Dr. Pfister, and rethink things, before or if they are ever needing amalgam fillings, root canals, etc, and if they have already had them, to consider visiting Dr. Pfister to learn about healthier options that are life giving.

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