A Dog’s Life

Peyton, is the oldest dog in the family, just turning 14 this past October.  She started out with our son David, but now lives with my husband, Bob, our other two labs and myself.

My son, David and I picked her out of a whole, cutter than pie, litter of yellow lab puppies near Tuscaloosa, Alabama when David was about 19 years old.  He was single then, and looking for a faithful companion. I’ll never forget seeing that sweet little puppy, only about 7 weeks old, trying to climb up a hill in the owners back yard.  David and I watched the entire litter of puppies run around and wondered which one to choose.  She was not as big as the rest of the pupplies in the litter, but she was persistent and wouldn’t give up in trying to climb the hill with her brothers and sisters.  David said, “Momma, which one do you think”.  We both looked at her and knew she was the one. She and David definitely could share some stories or two.  She went to college with David.  She lived on 30A with him.  She survived being hit by a car on 30A.  She watched and observed as David married, and began having children.  Peyton was a good companion and friend to David.  David use to take her for walks around the block.  I bet they had some good conversations together.

After David married, Peyton came to live with Bob and I.  She fit into our home well, and clearly made her role knows as the “diva dog” amongst our other two labs, Noah and Nelly.  She loves our hugh back yard, and use to enjoy diving into the lake.

As Peyton has aged, she has gotten arthritis, aches and pains in her back legs.   It is so hard to see her slow down and go into her final days.  Although many days she is needing help from getting up from the floor from a spread eagle position, she still enjoys walks, talks and being loved on.  Together, Peyton and I have experienced aging.  I can relate to her slow starts some days.  Together we share thoughts and reflect on the many blessings we have had together with family.  I am thankful for this sometimes crazy dog, and all the joy and sometimes heartaches she has brought to me.  I pray as she continues to live out her days on this earth, she will be remembered as one that filled some empty places in my, my son David’s and other family member’s hearts.

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