How do we lead with the Father’s heart?

My husband and aim to follow the Father’s heart.  We have guided our children the best we can to be lead by the Holy Spirit and trust in the Lord with all your heart.   We have gotten some things right and some things wrong, as most of us parents do.

I wanted to share a blog post I recently read by Danny Silk.    There are so many things in his article that speaks to my heart and soul.   Here is just one thing that pierces my heart.    “Leading free people is also very messy, however, because we fall all over ourselves as we struggle to overcome our old fears and learn to choose love and connection. And the temptation for every leader or parent is to protect by taking away people’s freedom. But the Father doesn’t do that. Even as He walks us through the consequences of misusing our freedom, He does it with the goal of helping us grow and be fully restored in managing our freedom. He protects us without controlling us, and this is how we must lead as well. “